Website security

PrestaShop Addons:Google Two-factor Authenticator For Front Office Module

Overview Use two-step verification to improve account and password security, even if your account password is leaked or stolen, there is no need to worry, because your hardware smart machine verification code only you know, hackers can not log into the system.

Statistical Analysis

PrestaShop Addons:Simple Statcounter Analytics Module

Overview Understand your visitors with Statcounter,Improve online store conversion rate, analyze user behavior, precision marketing.In addition to google analytics, another powerful web analytics platform:Statcounter.

PrestaShop Security

Several industry must-have tools to improve the security of PrestaShop foreign trade e-commerce website

PrestaShop development history PrestaShop is an excellent and powerful foreign trade open source e-commerce software. We started using PrestaShop in 2009, when PrestaShop was still version 0.9: fresh interface, powerful performance, and friendly extensions. Neither the bulkiness of Magento nor the old age of ZenCart, nor the fragility of OpenCart, so PrestaShop has sprung up […]

PrestaShop News

The PrestaShop technical community is established!

As a new generation of e-commerce solutions, PrestaShop is very popular all over the world. It has 300,000+ merchants, 1 million+ community users, 1,000+ developers, and 250+ agents. ZHSoft as a service provider that has been in contact with PrestaShop since 2009, is proud to be committed to promoting, researching, and expanding PrestaShop. At present, […]