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53+ Popular PrestaShop Modules in 2024

1.WhatsApp Messenger

Integrating WhatsApp messenger service into your PrestaShop website has never been so easy with our free PrestaShop Whatsapp integration module.

2.Customer Activities – Track/View Customer Behavior

A PrestaShop customer tracking module that helps you to track, analyze, and customize customer sessions effortlessly. Uncover customer insights, save space, and enhance performance. Elevate your PrestaShop online store today!


free PrestaShop captcha module for contact form, login form, and registration form.

4.Login As Customer: Admin Access User Account

Unlock seamless customer support with Login As Customer! Instant access user account, no credentials needed. Empower admins to assist, view orders, and more. Multi-store & multi-language support for ultimate convenience.

5.Simple Blog

Simple Blog is a free PrestaShop blog module that helps you easily add and manage blog posts on your PrestaShop website.

6.GDPR Compliance – EU Cookies Law Banner

“GDPR – PrestaShop EU Cookie Law” is a Prestashop GDPR compliance module. It empowers customers with data management rights, including data access, breach notifications, modification alerts, and data deletion.

7.Product Collections: Collection Page, Showcase Products

The best PrestaShop product showcase module allows you to create, customize, and showcase unlimited product collections effortlessly. Grid & carousel views, SEO, multi-language, and more. Unlock your sales potential today!

8.FAQ – Product Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Create FAQ page and FAQ (Q&A) tab on product page – 2 IN 1 Prestashop FAQ module! Receive and answer questions from your customers with “Ask a question” form. FAQ module – professional, easy to install, and simple to use!

9.Layered Slider: Home Slideshow, Image Gallery & Banner

Amazing Prestashop slider module with 100+ pre-made 2D, 3D & HTML5/CSS3 slide transition effects, unlimited colors, 500+ beautiful fonts and many more awesome features. Layered Slider – the best PrestaShop slideshow module on the marketplace!

10.PrestaHero Connect

Easily manage, install and update the PrestaShop modules from PrestaHero including your purchased modules, free modules, and discover other available modules offered by PrestaHero.

11.Banner Anywhere

Make it easier to add banners on the Home page, Category page, product page, check out page, or wherever you want with our free PrestaShop banner module – Banner Anywhere.

12.Integrated Google Marketing

Integrate Google marketing tools (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console) into your PrestaShop website

13.Cookie Banner – Free PrestaShop Cookie Banner

Cookie Banner is a free PrestaShop cookie banner module that helps you display a banner asking for the client’s consent for the cookies used in the store.

14.Delete Order

Delete Order is a free PrestaShop delete orders module that allows you to delete orders from the order listing page and move them to the “Trash orders”. From there, you can decide to permanently delete or restore that order if needed.

15.Advanced Tiny MCE: TinyMCE Editor With Full Options

Boost your content creation capabilities and engage your audience with an advanced TinyMCE editor for PrestaShop. Our feature-rich editor empowers you to elevate text with icons, custom fonts, special characters, find and replace, preview, etc.

16.HTML Box – PrestaShop Custom HTML Box

HTML Box is a PrestaShop HTML box free module that allows you to create, display and highlight content anywhere on the front office, depending on the purpose of use to emphasize or attract customers

17.Social Network Links

Display social network links such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc on your store website. Make it easier for customers to follow any of your social networks without searching.

18.Search By Category

Search products faster by category combined with Ajax. Help customers find the exact product they need easier!

19.Product Image Rollover

This module provides a product rollover effect for your store so that when a person hovers their mouse pointer over a product, several changes occur; the product image changes and also displays product details like the product price and also additional buttons to display more details about the product. Since this image rollover effect is not found in PrestaShop by default, having a PrestaShop image rollover module to obtain the feature is essential.  

20.Hot Deals PRO – Special Products Slider With Countdown

  • PrestaShop countdown module helps to boost the sale of your products
  • Announce beginning and end of sales and promotions with a dazzling countdown.
  • Create urgency by alerting the user that current deal is only available for x more hours.
  • Display discounted products on a carousel slider or grid list.
  • Make your customers being attracted to your special offers
  • Customizable display.

21.Manufacturer/Brand Logos Carousel Slider PRO

  • Display manufacturer/brand logos carousel slider on anywhere on your website.
  • Help your clients to find products of certain brand easily and make a purchase
  • Fully responsive, mobile friendly
  • Quick install and easy to use

22.Product List Pagination

PrestaShop product list pagination module – Add pagination to product listing page on the PrestaShop store in 3 ways: pagination, “Load more” button, or scroll to load more products automatically.

23.Age Verification

free Prestashop Age Verification module that displays a popup asking the website visitors to confirm if they are in the required age to be able to access the site.

24.Testimonial Slider – Show Customer Reviews On Home Page

Easily display customer ratings and testimonials right on the home page of your PrestaShop store. A great way to build customer trust with authentic testimonials through a clean and customizable slider!

25.Add To Cart From List

Display “Add to Cart” button in the product list and enable customers to quickly add a product to their shopping cart without the need to go to the product detail page.

26.Products On CMS Or Anywhere

Allow you to display selected products on CMS pages, home page, product descriptions, etc. or anywhere you want using short code.

27.Send Product To Friend

Send product to friend” is a free PrestaShop send to a friend module that creates a customizable button on product detail page to help your customers conveniently share a product to their friend via email along with a personal message.

28.Redis Cache

Boost your PrestaShop site’s speed with Redis Cache. Free module for easy cache management. Optimize performance effortlessly.

29.Nivo Slider

This Nivo slider module for PrestaShop is a jQuery slider that comes with a large number of features essential for a good website slider. Since PrestaShop doesn’t support the integration of Nivo slider by default, having a separate module for the purpose is essential. Even though there are a large number of PrestaShop Nivo slider modules in the market, our module is unique with the integration of caption animation feature.

30.Advanced Discount Combination: Combine Cart Rules

Effortlessly create, customize, and manage discount combinations, save time with bulk options, and combine cart rules on your PrestaShop store. Boost sales and maximize customer satisfaction with this advanced PrestaShop discount combination module.

31.Presta MailChimp

  • #1 MailChimp module for PrestaShop
  • Automatically add customers and their purchase data to MailChimp.
  • Categorize customers into groups
  • Create powerful automations, targeted emails and ad campaigns
  • Export emails to CSV file
  • Work with PrestaShop newsletter system

32.Instagram Feed

Free PrestaShop Instagram module to display your Instagram photos and videos on PrestaShop home page in minutes with an easy setup. PrestaShop Instagram integration has never been easy like this!

33.Smart Related Products, Same Category Products

free PrestaShop related products module helps you show related products block for customers based on the same category, prioritized products, or prioritized categories.

34.Advanced Wishlist

A PrestaShop wishlist free module that allows customers to save their favorite items, find them quickly and easily at a later time, and buy them.

35.Countdown Discount Timer

Show a PrestaShop countdown discount timer with the product on sale to tell your customers how much time they have left to purchase the discount product

36.PrestaShop Migrator Free

  • Migrate or upgrade PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7 (or from older versions to PrestaShop 1.7) in a few clicks
  • Transfer and migrate data between PrestaShop stores
  • Necessary data types migration (products, categories and customers)
  • Export/Import part of website data
  • Help you to generate backup data
  • Keep your customer and staff passwords
  • Simple usage and safety ensured

37.Viewed Products

Viewed Products is a free PrestaShop viewed products module that allows you to display a list of viewed products on various positions: Homepage, product pages, left column, right column, etc. The product list is saved for logged-in customers.

38.Save & Share My Cart

Save & Share My Cart is a PrestaShop save cart free module that allows customers to save their shopping carts to buy later or share them with their friends so that they can buy your store products easier without searching.

39.Amazing Scroll To Top

Scroll to top” button enables your website visitors to easily scroll back to the top of your page with one click on the floating button.

40.Hide Out Of Stock Products Automatically

Is your PrestaShop store running successfully, giving you a desirable income? Having good sales in your business is great news. But have you handled all the problems that occur in your website that can drop your sales percentage little by little. A common problem is back orders, it happens when a customer buys out of stock products on your website. Our Product status update is a free PrestaShop module that helps you to hide out of stock products in PrestaShop automatically.

41.Export Customers

A PrestaShop export customer data module – Select and sort the export fields as you like. Filter customer data by criteria before exporting.

42.Product Note

Product Note is a free PrestaShop product note module that allows you to add and display notes about some specific information of products on the product detail page.

43.Security Certification

Post safety/security certificate images on the website. Let the visitors know your site is safe and reliable with our PrestaShop security certification module.

44.Special Products Block

FREE solution for displaying your store’s special products block on various positions – PrestaShop special products block module

45.New Products Block

Free PrestaShop new products block module – Update your store’s newest products automatically. Display a block on various positions to show customers your latest products.

46.Best Selling Products

free Prestashop best selling product module helps you add a block displaying your store’s top-selling products in various positions.

47.Most Popular Products

free PrestaShop featured products module to add a block displaying your store’s most popular products on various positions

48.Total Product Sold

Total Product Sold is a PrestaShop sales count free module that helps you count and display the number of total sold items for each product on the product detail page and product listing page.

49.Sort By Trending

A free PrestaShop sort products order module that automatically sorts products displayed on the front office by trending grades based on sales, ratings, download, or specific priority.

50.Sale Ticker – Display REAL TIME Sales

  • Display a bubble alert to online customers every time your website get new sales
  • Custom alert message with short codes
  • Automatic and manual rules for sticker display
  • Fully optimized for mobile
  • Easily installed in 1-click

51.Custom Order Reference

Transform your PrestaShop order management with our Custom Order Reference free module. Easily customize order numbers, choosing from sequential, date-based, or alphanumeric formats. Take charge of your order system effortlessly!

52.Page Not Found

Revolutionize user experience on your PrestaShop site with our free custom 404 page module. Transform error encounters into engaging moments with personalized content. Download now and turn errors into opportunities!

53.Smart Discount – Auto Expiring Discounts

#1 free PrestaShop smart discount module helps ignite urgency & boost sales with expiring discounts for categories & products. Target promotions, multi-level discounts, countdown timers, and insightful analytics.

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