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PrestaShop Google Sitemap Generator Fails,Fix failure when generating sitemap with >25000 links

  • When my store has multiple languages or thousands of products, and each product has 10 pictures, a large number of hyperlinks will be generated at this time, and the sitemap.xml generated according to the configuration of the default module 25000 cannot be accessed by the browser at all. On, the Google search engine spider will prompt the crawling failure.

Therefore, our solution is also very simple(/modules/gsitemap/gsitemap.php): now, by default, 25,000 batches of files are generated, resulting in the files being too large to be opened, which does not meet the maximum limit of sitemap.xml, so we change 25,000 to 5,000 to generate a batch of files, namely can solve the problem.

If you’re worried that 5000 doesn’t solve the problem, then you can keep changing it to something smaller, like 3000 or 1000.

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